Ayurveda Healing Journey Retreat

Yoga, Astrology and Spirituality, Daily Ayurveda Treatments

Nov 1-14 2017. Balance the mind, emotions, heart, body and soul, in an all-inclusive retreat in India

Ayurveda Healing Journey Retreat Retreat hosted at the premier award winning Ayurveda Resort in the heart of Kerala. Fateh Bolivar, owner of the Waterfall Villas Wellness Center in Costa Rica, and Astrologer Kaypacha of the well-known weekly Pele reports on Utube, and the New Paradigm Astrology website have created an exciting 2 week Healing Journey for you! During these 14 days you will experience a combination of all the best of Ayurveda, from the delicious balancing meals, long and luxurious Spa treatments, daily doctor visits, spiritual and cultural activities, Yoga and meditation, and a Mystery School.

The cleansing process will realign the connection between your mind, emotions, and your physical body. In the rejuvenation process, you will feel balanced, younger, higher energy, as you become free of stress. Rejuvenation treatment uses the authentic Shirodhara with luxuriating herbal oils at the best Ayurveda resort in India.   Kaypacha and Fateh will give talks and discussions relating astrology to the Chakras in an Ayurvedic system, spirituality and channeling. Every day there will be the opportunity to learn and practice Meditation & Yoga. The resort will provide 3 classes per day 2x per day, and a Chakra mediation class.


Retreat Location:
Kerala, India

November 1-14 2017
+506 88827687

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