Become Happier NOW

...with Happiness Specialst Laila Ghattas, For Individuals & Couples

Experience healthy boundaries, thriving self-esteem and loving relationships with expertly facilitated private workshops for individuals and couples.

Become Happier NOW The best way to support your emotional life is by discovering unconscious life patterns that keep you stuck repeating the same old unhealthy behaviour. Transform your confusion to clarity, conflict to connection, stress to relief. Experience deep alignment with who you really are outside your life roles. Gain valuable insight so you can live a truly satisfying life. Joy and freedom follow. Learn how to be present for the life you’ve already worked so hard to achieve. Peace, soothing self-talk and self-acceptance are possible with compassionate, heart-centered professional guidance. Happiness Specialist Laila Ghattas has helped over 2500 international personal growth seekers looking to add meaningful quality of their lives and relationships. Laila expertly facilitates Gestalt Therapy, Expressive Art and Usui Reiki to create lasting healing experiences for individuals and couples through private sessions, workshops and retreats.

"MY REIKI SESSION with Laila surpassed all my expectations. Through the work that was done in our session I now feel peace, confidence and understanding in my heart instead of feeling of pain, hurt and anger I had carried for so long”. "CLARITY IN LIFE is difficult to achieve when distracted by electronics, family commitments, work... (This) allowed me to focus 110% on me and my life. I left… with the clarity to feel compassion, patience and understanding for myself. I left a stronger and more resilient person."   "WE ARE DOING GREAT! We got so much insight into our selves, each other and our communication from attending the workshop! It\'s made a real difference in how we feel in general and relating to each other. Thanks so much for your guidance!". "THE MOST VALUABLE INSIGHT was understanding the "wall\" between my daughter and myself. Understanding my own relationship model as a parent and child."."THIS WORKSHOP HELPED me become more aware of why I relate to others the way I do."

Retreat Location:
Toronto, Ontario

All seasons
(416) 696-0086

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