Customized Kauai Retreat

Solo, Silent, Meditative Retreat to Renew to Be New

March 17-23, 2018. Luxury retreat in Paradise to Nourish your Soul.

Customized Kauai Retreat "Prayer is when we talk to God, Silence is when God talks to Us ". If you can gain the tools & have an environment where you can be silent, you can acquire all the answers you need in your life. For This CUSTOM retreat , you spend most of your time alone, communing with Mother Nature here on Kauai . The THREE private sessions Diane gives you will have a focus on whatever YOU desire- she has over 700 meditations to share, so custom meditations to create the shift in your life you desire.We recommend you turn off your phone for the 7 days , to give yourself a true break from the outer world. You can add in 3 of Diane's public classes if ou choose . This is a gift you give yourself . Take time to get clear on your life, and experience the renewal from 7 nights of QUIET time. The Hawaiian teachings state "fill your own cup first " . See for all testimonials.

When the Dali Lama came to Kauai, there is a beach here that when he arrived there, he started crawling on his hands and knees and said "The ancestors live here". If you are ready for a profound opening of your heart , re-connection with Mother earth & living form your heart center this is the journey for you . For the health,wellness, detox opportunity, you can totally skip that and keep your regular habits ( no food is provided except the 2 dinner meals by the Private chef), Or we can connect you with our local Juice Goddess and you can try a one day or 3 day juice cleanse, again it is all optional. We have too many options here to list them all. The best is contact Diane and I can answer any questions you have, We look forward to sharing the ALOHA spirit with you and well as few other ancient teachings if you desire , Or simply enjoy your private , indulgent quiet time , an escape from the outer world and into inner BLISS.   Sound healing studies proven that the crystal singing bowls : stimulate endorphins, relieve pain,, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, strengthen the immune system,synchronize brain hemispheres and reduce stress hormones. Your private sessions ( and the Sacred site excursion if you choose ti ) will include the Crystal Singing bowls. This ia also an opportunity to acquire a crystal singing bowl of your own and open your throat chakra, a power center from which you create your new reality. Diane has given Sacred Sound to over 6,000 people, kundalini yoga to over 7,000 people and practiced Sacred ceremony with 3 of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers. Learn how you can "vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos will vibrate the way" so you can start living with ease and grace in all areas of your life. Learn to celebrate yourself. Re-birth yourself and create a New you that is happy, healthy ,and has inner peace ! All for the amazing price of only $1950.


Retreat Location:
Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii

March 17-23, 2018

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