Elemental Change Retreat

A Self-Actualization Weekend Retreat. Interactive workshops, meditation and yoga, personalized astrology chart, empowerment and community

Apr 8-9 2017. Gain a deeper understanding of the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water, and explore how they affect and shape our lives.

Elemental Change Retreat Just as travelers need a map to get to their destination, we all need support to find a path that will take us from where we are to where we want to be. Let this workshop be your guide. Imagine sitting by the water immersed in nature, feeling completely supported and alive for the first time in months. Allow yourself the freedom to explore the possibilities of how to bring more happiness, better relationships and enhanced wellness into your life. Rewire your connection to mind, body and spirit, and join us for an event you’ll never forget! Are you looking to achieve greater self-awareness? By gaining a deeper understanding of the four elements – earth, air, fire and water – you can learn how they affect and shape your life. Astrological insight helps clarify your strengths – what you’re good at and how those qualities show up in positive ways in your life. Learn how your personality aligns with the four elements, and experience your own elemental change. This exclusive retreat is designed for those who are ready to dive deeper into their true selves and enhance all aspects of their personal and professional lives. At Elemental Change you will experience a guided 3-day journey with personal transformation expert Rose Caiola and leading astrologer Pamela Cucinell to uncover what truly motivates you and better understand your life’s purpose. Spend two restorative nights at Fonrose Cottage at Wainwright House, a historic mansion nestled on the shores of the Long Island sound in beautiful Rye, New York – only 40 minutes from New York City.  Sign up by February 24 for early bird pricing!

This retreat will be hosted by Transformation Expert Rose Caiola and Astrologer Pam Cucinell   The garden is designed around the original Wainwright cypresses and yews. Meditate, rejuvenate, and relax surrounded by nature.

The historic mansion is situated on the shores of a serene inlet off the Long Island Sound in beautiful Rye, New York   The universe is made up of four elements—earth, air, fire and water. The presence of the elements in a person's individual horoscope reveals different aspects of their personality

Retreat Location:
Rye, New York

April 8-9 2017

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