Fresh Start Health Retreat and Spa

Canada's Leading Health & Lifestyle Transformation Retreat and Spa for Wellness Seekers Who are Ready for Change

December 2017 and all other months. Many dates. 7-14-21-day Day Health and Lifestyle Transformation Retreats on Vancouver Island, BC.

Fresh Start Health Retreat and Spa Fresh Start is a health and lifestyle transformation retreat where people come to start gradually, naturally improving their health. Whether you need a quick reboot, lose weight, aim to Quit Smoking, improve Depression, the Fresh Start has built for you an amazing healing place, a rejuvenation place where, surrounded by loving team of natural health professionals who work from the heart, you can choose the depth of healing you need. Fresh Start offers a well-rounded Core Program and add-on GO-DEEPER™ specialty packages. CORE PROGRAM: As the base for individual healing process, we use unique semi-flexible Fresh Start Healing Structure™, including Whole Body Detox and Cellular Re-nourishment™ with organic vegetarian foods, carefully chosen supplements and digestion healing drinks. The day consists of balanced activities, such as yoga, meditation, fitness classes, guided excursions, art and body care classes, evening steam bath, as well as a comprehensive education on both physical and emotional well-being, and food preparation classes. SPECIALTY GO-DEEPER™ PACKAGES: 14 & 21-Day Physical, Emotional and Habits Repatterning™ Specialty Packages include professional assessments and guidance; one-on-one sessions (colonics, orthobionomy, Heart Healing sessions etc.) tailored to your health needs and may include Custom Healing Protocols™ (organ rebuilding, cleansing and rebalancing formulas). 7 & 14 Relaxation Packages include relaxation spa services.

Designed for those who aim to prevent health problems or have mild to moderate heath conditions. Best for: Metabolic Disorders (Weight Loss, Diabetes, HBP) Digestion and Liver Respiratory & Sinus Muscular-Skeletal Hormonal Health Cardio-Vascular Immune and Lymph Hair and Skin Male Health Female Health Body Toxicity Diseases Sleep Issues   Designed for those who simply need rejuvenate in a healthy supportive environment, to get energized, refreshed and renewed, and to enjoy relaxing spa treatments. Best for: Distress and Unwind Rest Meditate Me-time Getaway Take a life break Watch the bald eagles taking off Have a restorative spa getaway Get a relief from the city’s hustle and bustle Re-energize Rehydrate cells Calm your emotions Rejuvenate your body and mind.

Designed for those who aim to part with the habits that do not serve them anymore, be it nicotine, mild social drinking, or emotional eating. Habits addresses: Cigarettes and Wine Food Addiction Technology Unhealthy Thoughts Daily Structure Stress Management & Life Balance   Designed for those who aim to improve mild to moderate emotional wellness issues in a supportive semi-structured non-rehab setting. Best for: Depression Trauma & Caregiving Relationships Resolution Anxiety Aura/Chakras Restoration Heart Healing™

Retreat Location:
Campbell River, British Columbia

December, 2017 and all other months, many dates.
1 888 658-3324

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