India Retreat with John David at Mtn. Arunachala

Connect to Your Own Stillness, Love and Joy with the Support of a Loving Energy Field

6 - 27 January 2018. Satsang, Self-Enquiry, Mantra Singing with Live Music, Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Places, Meeting Charismatic Masters

India Retreat with John David at Mtn. Arunachala John David is a direct disciple of Papaji, who in turn was a disciple of the Indian Saint Sri Ramana Maharshi. Sri Ramana spent most of his life at Arunachala, a powerful place of Self-enquiry and Realisation for thousands of years. The retreat provides a unique opportunity to experience the ancient spiritual wisdom of India in a contemporary setting and in the presence of a living master, who can guide you to fall deeper into your own being. Have your own deep experience with Self-enquiry, which will be a focus of the retreat and which you can then take into your daily life.

There will be Satsang every day with John David where you can bring your innermost questions, or simply immerse yourself in the silence and presence of eternal truth. Before the meetings there will be Mantra singing with live music, opening your heart, and every morning there is yoga and meditation.   We walk up Arunachala on the paths used by Sri Ramana Maharshi. We will visit Virupaksha Cave where he stayed for seventeen years and Skanda Ashram where he lived with a small community. On the full moon night we will walk together with thousands of people in silence around the mountain.

We are accommodated in a lovely modern ashram and our daily meetings take place on the roof directly overlooking the mountain. We cook our own food together with an Indian cooking team – very delicious. Enjoy the loving and supportive energy from John David`s students from the Open Sky House communities.   We enjoy the Indian spiritual culture and the warmth and softness of South India. John David will introduce you to charismatic masters and inspiring people, who he met during his book and film project Blueprints for awakening and his time living in India.

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6 - 27 January 2018

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