Julius Retreat Utah

Join us on the beautiful petrified sand dunes of Snow Canyon State Park as they channel Julius to give you high wisdom on manifesting what you desire.

September 22-24 2017. A 3-day retreat with internationally recognized medium, Kasey Wallis, and empath, Brad Wallis.

Julius Retreat Utah From the TV series "Ghosts of The Caribbean", internationally recognized medium, Kasey Wallis, and empath, Brad Wallis, take you on a 3-day retreat in southern Utah. Get high wisdom from Julius, a group of high light energy beings. Meditate on the petrified sand dunes of Snow Canyon State Park. Walk the labyrinth and learn more about yourself and your power. This retreat includes freshly-prepared meals focused on plant-based and whole grain foods. Meet others that are on their journey of expanding their consciousness.

Just as fire tempers steel, so have Kasey and Brad walked through extremely testing times that uprooted them from the familiar and thrust them into the world of the awakened consciousness. Kasey, an internationally renowned medium and Brad, spiritual teacher and director of Ghosts of the Caribbean, are a husband-wife team that are committed to making the teachings of Julius available to the world so that all may benefit. This commitment is part of a timeless agreement between Kasey, Brad and Julius - to share the high wisdom of Julius that comes in response to the call of many for guidance and relief. But first Kasey and Brad went through a trial by fire when Brad experienced great physical and mental debilitation after his severe brain injury as well as financial and emotional devastation. Their recovery from such challenges through the support and guidance given by Julius is the stuff of legends. These experiences vastly expanded their empathy, compassion and the desire to help – it is this that reaches out to you today.   This earth has its pockets of high frequency energy that greatly aid man in its journey back to itself as Source. One such energy vortex exists in Snow Canyon State Park. The outdoor experience in such high-energy zones is a fundamental part of any Julius retreat to elevate and sustain the extraordinary transformations within you.

Guided meditations by Julius initiate you into states of being that seem unreachable. Powerful, exhilarating, pulsating with energy, these processes set in motion deep changes in the subconscious that erase limitations and replace them with expansive knowing that truly reflects your light-being nature. A 30 to a 108 day period is usually recommended by Julius to properly integrate these sought-after transformations in your psyche.   More than 1800 indigenous rocks have been used to form the Desert Rose Labyrinth. It is patterned after the classic eleven-circuit path of the famous 12th century Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in France. The labyrinth represents the journey to our own centre and back again into the world. It is often used as a meditation tool. Experience inner awakenings, amplified powers and self-recognition as Julius leads you through one of the most powerful symbols of transformation.

Retreat Location:
St. George, Utah

September 22-24 2017
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