Live Life on Purpose

 Yoga, Meditation, and Immersion Into the Mayan Culture

Feb 20-25 2017. Realign, Relax, Reconnect... Remember! Discover Tulum while finding Inner Peace!

Live Life on Purpose Realign, Relax, Reconnect... Remember! When the aqua clear Caribbean Sea meets the powder white sand beach, and a warm breeze kisses your face, you must be in Tulum. Putting together the mystical elements of Tulum, Ancient Mayan excursions, and several other modalities with an emphasis on yoga, meditation, and stress-free living. This retreat offers a blend of practices designed to de-stress your body, open channels for creativity and greater awareness, quiet the chatter in your mind, and re-awaken your spirit. Remember who you were born to be! From beginners to those with more experience. A beautiful paradise only hours away from most cities in the US. 

The inclusion of your room during this retreat at the top rated Alaya Tulum, an environmentally conscious Boutique Hotel and Retreat property, offering its magical experience. Where we invite you to walk barefoot in the sand, shower in the blessing of the sun and be cradled by the nourishment of the ocean.   Participants will be introduced to several different meditation practices and the principles on which they are based. These may include forms of guided or silent meditations, to simple mindfulness of your heart, breath, and chakras. This retreat also includes visualization and ways to integrate peaceful awareness into your life. Be the change, and all else follows. Our yoga teachers are some of the world’s finest and guide you through various yoga practices each morning and some afternoons. Specific styles will vary based on participants and retreat.

This retreat, like the others we offer, also includes fresh, nutritious food, energy healing exercises, life coaching, exciting excursions and experiencing of the beauty and magic of Tulum. Heal your body. Uplift and focus your mind. Free your spirit. What you experience and learn here will stay with you long after your suntan fades. We send you home with easy to incorporate tools for life! Just practice a little bit every day, and your life can transform.    We believe life isn’t about avoiding the thunderstorms, but rather learning how to dance in the rain! 7 days/ 6 nights of All inclusive experience. Delicious Healthy Meals, Yoga/ Meditation, Sound Healing, International Dance, Workshops, Excursions, Ancient Mayan Ceremonies merged together in a retreat that will help you  Realign, Relax, Reconnect... Remember!

Retreat Location:
Tulum, Mexico

February 11 - 17, 2017, February 20 - 25, 2017 February 20 - 25, 2017, Retreat to Tulum - A Return to Radiance;  March 6 - 11, 2017, Soulful Surrender Retreat.

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