Magical Retreat in Lake Titicaca

Meditation, Yoga & Sacred Sites in Second Earth Chakra

May 3-10 2018: Join us for a magical, life- changing, beautiful tour to the Highest Lake in the World!

Magical Retreat in Lake Titicaca Join us for a magical retreat in Sacred Lake Titicaca- the second part chakra, with deep history, indigenous aymara population and sacred sites. We will travel from Cusco Aug.23rd by luxury bus to Puno. We will explore Puno town and also visit the straw islands of Uros and Isla Amantani. These places are very beautiful, and with sacred sites. Here we will meet indigenous populations and experience the beautify of the lake. We will be visiting Silistani and some sacred portals of light near Puno. During these visits meditation and certain energy work with be offered. Every morning, we offer classical yoga, plus meditation, in addition guided meditation before dinner. We focus on respect for the culture and Mother Nature :) Enjoy delicious vegan, homemade, healthy foods at Loving Hut Titikaka. In Bolivia we will visit Copacabana as well as Island of the Sun. Experience a stay with indigenous family, stunning sunsets, walk across the island, healthy, vegetarian/ vegan foods and a group of wonderful travel mates. Early bird by Jun. 1st 444$, 555$ normal price :) Experience transformations and memories fro life indeed connection with Mother Earth!

Join us for a visit to the ancient straw islands of Uros. These people have been living here for generations and they speak Aymara, an ancient language of the region. They gather electricity from the sun, with solar panels and they even have their own gov. & money sort!   Join us for a sacred strip to Island of the Sun, the second earth chakra center. Experience the strong energies and majestic beauty of this island while going deep in meditation and yoga, watching beautiful sunsets and sleeping in eco cabins under the stars :)


Retreat Location:
Lake Titicaca, Peru/ Bolivia

May 3-10, 2018
0051 928877757

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