McLean Meditation Institute

Take the journey inward: discover the vast brilliance that lies within you and reveal it through meditation and mindfulness.

McLean Meditation Institute Plan your meditation vacation in mystical Sedona. Meditation and self-realization experts will guide you through your interior landscape so you can meet your own mind and heart with a new appreciation and awareness. The institute is directed by Hay House author and meditation mentor, Sarah McLean, a meditation mentor who has decades of experience designing and leading retreats to awaken you to your potential.

Want to learn to meditate, need some support to live more mindfully? Your perfect  meditation immersion vacation can be designed for you—whether you’re a new or seasoned meditator. Deepen your meditation practice, experience gentle yoga, go for a hike in the beauty and wonder of Sedona’s wilderness, and explore the vortexes and sacred sites. Give yourself some time to rediscover inner peace, a clearer mind, enhanced creativity, and increased vitality at the McLean Meditation Institute, a meditation oasis with a bird’s eye view of the red rocks in the heart of Sedona, Arizona.   Is Sedona, Arizona on your bucket list? There is always a good reason to visit, and when you come to one of these popular retreats, you’ll get the best Sedona has to offer. Want a new way to ring in the new year? The Be The Peace Retreat is a wonderful way to experience timelessness as the year changes. The Kundalini Meditation Intensive is for those already meditate and want to explore their inner energy. The Soul Radiance Retreat is a meditation and mindfulness immersion with a focus on rediscovering your inner perfection and is open to everyone. The Creative Soul Retreat is designed for women to connect to their creativity through mindfulness and meditation, and express who they really are. Each retreat is limited to 15 people and is designed to immerse you in meditation, cultivate your personal power, increase your focus, and develop unshakable inner peace.

Share the wonder and nourishment of meditation with your students, co-workers, family, friends, clients, or patients. Become a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher through the Meditation Teacher Academy, a 200-hour training with a curriculum designed to teach you everything you need to know about mindfulness and meditation. It begins with a  distance learning component, during which you are assigned a mentor to help you to explore your inner landscape through deepening your meditation practice. You’ll also survey the most current evidence-based findings, and explore the origins of the many meditation practices popular today. You’ll then be ready to attend the 8-day teacher training practicum intensive in Sedona, Arizona. You’ll be immersed in meditation, mindfulness, and yoga practices and be taught by experts how to effectively teach meditation to any population. With rolling admissions, you can get started right away!   Visiting Sedona? Drop-in anytime! Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or are simply curious about mindful living, you’ll find a program for you. On weekdays, join a silent morning and evening free meditation gathering. Learn to meditate and practice mindfulness in a regularly scheduled  meditation class. Or, schedule  a personalized private class with an expert anytime convenient to you. We feature the Simple, Easy, Every Day (SEED) Meditation® workshop — a half- day program perfect for anyone who wants to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. Is it time to begin or renew your meditation practice and gain the benefits you’ve been hearing so much about?

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