OSHO Retreat Mallorca

OSHO Active Meditations and Silent Sittings

24-30 September 2017 with Ananta and Suvarna. We offer a new kind of a meditation retreat for anybody who wants to experience 'meditation'.

OSHO Retreat Mallorca For 7 days we offer a variety of different approaches to meditation such as OSHO Active Meditations as well as traditional techniques like Vipassana, ZaZen and Silent Sittings. The OSHO retreat is welcoming everybody independent of cultural or religious background. It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners of any other meditation technique who wish to expand their meditation. The daily schedule consists of 6-7 different meditations each for 1 hour. Some of the meditations will be repeated to allow deeper experiences. You will be in silence during the whole time with the option of q&a time daily.

Retreat Location:
Mallorca (Spain)

24-30 September, 2017

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