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PachaMama is a powerful gateway to deep and profound, transformative spiritual growth.

PachaMama Home to 40 families and a fluctuating population of visitors the community reflects the many colors of those who are co-creating it. A variety of different healing modalities occur every week of the year from November to August. PachaMama is a synthesis of two complimentary elements: it is an organic, evolving village made up of spiritual seekers who have invested their lives to the creation and sustainment of the place as a fully functioning community and it is a retreat center for travelers looking for powerful internal change, spiritual nourishment and transformation in their lives.

Three times a year a 5 weeks transformation cycle takes place, a highly atuned unity of workshops all designed to facilitate significant growth. First the colon cleanse, then a yoga group, a primal therapy workshop, culminating with a Who Is In Awareness Intensive and then a 7 days Silent Retreat.   The energetic foundation of the village is centered around silence and the spiritual insight of its founder Tyohar, everything else revolves around the acknowledgment that silence is the body and heartbeat of PachaMama\'s essence. Every day ends with a silent sitting, which takes place in the main meditation hall.

Throughout the year many courses, trainings, therapy groups and detox cleanses are offered together with daily Yoga classes and meditations. Movement art groups and classes are regularly in the schedule as well as Breathwork groups, personal development and growth processes unique to PachaMama.   PachaMama also offers an exquisite vegetarian menu in its restaurant and takes pride in the raw cacao “Wild Treats” snack bar which serves delicious healthy treats. Daily community life has a strong center in the village as well, together with the children, the school and kindergarden is a strong center of inspiration and joy.

Retreat Location:
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Opoen all year
+1 646 863 94 74

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