PachaMama Yoga Teacher Training

200 hours Yoga Alliance Certified

Mar 13-Apr 5, 2018. A transformational journey into the heart of yoga immersed in wild, divine nature within the support of a spiritual eco-community.

PachaMama Yoga Teacher Training The 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training at PachaMama bridges Hatha yoga with Shaolin energetic arts. The teachers Adya and Velan break the boundaries of traditional hatha yoga in this training by combining the wisdom of the yoga lineage with a contemporary understanding of the body, emotional system, and spiritual practices.

This training ignites a process of genuine transformation that brings a shift towards embracing life with more awareness, acceptance of oneself and the recognition of oneness.   This in-depth training is much more than a yoga experience. It is the path of yoga woven within deep healing work consisting of tantra, earth rituals/ sweat lodges, conscious communication, meditation, ayurvedic assessment, breathwork and healing therapies.

The training takes place in the eco-village of PachaMama supported and nourished by the Village's meditative quality, its commitment to Mother Earth and its unique expression of community-life.   Tapas – The Fire of Transformation Training is a 50-hour training from January 9th - 15th, 2018, perfect for aspiring or already certified Yoga Teachers as well as passionate yoga practitioners who want to dive into the depths of yoga.

Retreat Location:
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Mar 13-Apr 5, 2018
+506 8825 0661

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