Paleo Wellness Retreat

We Eat Clean, We Train Smart and We Support Your Goals 100%.

Phuket based retreat, designed to help you lose weight, detoxify your body, & restore optimal health. 

Paleo Wellness Retreat Wellness Retreat we are dedicated to helping guests lose weight and to decrease all the unpleasant symptoms associated with a modern lifestyle. Everybody has experienced these symptoms at some time in their life, ranging from painful joints, insomnia, anxiety, low energy, nasty skin conditions, digestive problems and inflammatory conditions.

We will help you design the perfect exercise program for you, based on your current fitness, physical capacity, interest levels and goals. Exercise and activity is essential to happiness, fitness, longevity, circadian rhythm maintenance and great sleep patterns. At Paleo Wellness Retreat you can begin exercise with as little as 30 mins per day or as much as 3 hours per day!! Choose from Muai Thai, Yoga, Aqua, Fitball and more.   Following the Paleo diet principles, people experience a remarkable return to health and enjoy significant weight loss, especially if they have been consuming a modern processed diet and are overweight - this is two thirds of western society! Paleo diet consists of a high intake of plant based foods which provide us with a high fibre and net alkaline diet. The diet optimises our consumption of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phyto nutrients.

Daily barefoot walks on the beach, yoga to stretch the body and soothe the soul, meditation to ease the mind and lessen stress/anxiety. At the Paleo Wellness Retreat, we see each person as a whole - body, mind & spirit - and address this with our well-rounded program that has ALL of you in mind.   The Grand Villa is furnished with unique Asian style & flare. It is situated atop Chalong hill and offers unparalleled lush views. There is a private salt water pool, and all rooms are equipped with wifi, air-conditioning, en-suite, maid services, towels and laundry service. Choose between our Standard and Luxe Rooms - Ocean View, Pool Side, Jacuzzi Room or Roof Room for the most amazing view of Chalong Bay

Retreat Location:
Phuket, Thailand

All seasons

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