Quantum Leaps Lodge

Lodge and Retreats

We are a private, unique riverside retreat available for your inner and outer explorations.

Quantum Leaps Lodge Quantum Leaps Retreats is a unique peaceful and scenic riverside retreat in the Blueberry Valley just 15 minutes northwest of Golden BC. Stay with us on your Personal Retreat or join us for one of our many organized Retreats and immerse yourself in the peace and beauty of our Retreat for a truly relaxing, healing and rejuvenating stay. The energy and peace of the land will relax and rejuvenate you. Take a deep breath and breathe in the energy of Mother Earth. Our Retreat is a place where you can connect with the Earth, with yourself, your family and/or your friends. Stay with us for we are a Safe Sanctuary for Inner and Outer Explorations.

Retreat Location:
Golden, British Columbia

Open All Year
250 344-2114

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