Reconnecting With Our Sacred Stories

Join a Women's Circle to Recollect the Scattered Pieces of Our Feminine Nature. Near Montreal, Quebec.

May 3-8, 2018. Storytelling, self-exploratory writing and yoga in a women's sacred circle. A Women's Retreat.

Reconnecting With Our Sacred Stories Retreat to the enchanted countryside near Montreal to join a women’s circle at the beautifully intimate Centre de Vie in Ripon. Practice yoga in a spectacularly renovated French country barn temple. Gather each evening by fire and candlelight as we share stories of the mythical goddesses. Take a writing journey to deeper reveal the many faces of our feminine nature. Indulge in home-prepared fresh vegetarian meals, wander through the countryside, and dip in the lake. We will bring the themes of the Divine Feminine to the here and now. You are invited to reconnect to the sacred energies within you.

Together, we will reclaim the tradition of sharing mythical stories to ignite the light of feminine intuition. Each sacred story provides a lens through which we can perceive and reconnect to the multiple aspects of our own feminine nature. The stories reveal essential insights into honoring our unique power as women. We will gather our scattered pieces, celebrate our contradictions, validate our unique yearnings and claim our wholeness. Max 15 women.   In the heart of the Outaouais region, known for sparkling rivers and lush hillsides, Centre de Vie offers a gorgeous French Canadian countryside retreat setting to disconnect from your day to day and reconnect with yourself and nature, less than two hours away from Montreal. You’ll find inviting shared spaces, comfortable rooms, inspiring horizon views, dipping pond, dry sauna, therapy center, nature trails and delicious home-prepared vegetarian meals.

We will gather to renew our wise and wild feminine energy with creative self-exploratory writing exercises and ceremony. Writing serves as a channel to reveal insight, allow vulnerability and bring forth what is calling to be heard. Whether it be honoring our cycles, harnessing our creative vision, or guarding over our sacred inner fire, the stories provide rich and layered themes to unfold within our own lives.   Surround yourself with charm and beauty during this retreat. Enjoy the daily guided meditation and yoga as we reconnect to our bodies and our deepest intuitions. Treat yourself to an on-site spa treatment. With charming farm style buildings boasting spectacular renovations in idyllic settings, this intimately run and warmly hospitable venue is ready to welcome you to the fresh air and sweet rhythms of the local lifestyle.

Retreat Location:
Ripon, Near Montreal, Quebec

May 3-8 2018
(815) 694-0332

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