Retrocognitive Tour 2017

This Is Your Opportunity to Know More About Your Previous Lives

Oct 15 - Nov 5, 2017. Join us on a unique tour to learn about your past lives, personal history and evolution.

Retrocognitive Tour 2017 Join us on a unique tour in an exclusive, personal group and learn more about yourself and other cultures, understand why your past lives are significant today. Learn how to “feel” and “read” places energetically and how to defend yourself from unwanted energetic influences. Feel what are the hints that your past lives are sending you today and how to notice them.. After the tour experience a powerful energy field during the 3-day Workshop lead by IAC Senior researchers at the IAC Europe Campus.

Travel with like-minded participants that share an interest in holistic, multi-dimensional self-research, some of which join us for the second or third time! Potential other results: Astral travel, peaks into your future, psychometry and more. The tour is led by senior instructors that have been teaching these scientific and proven methods for decades, shortening your learning curve dramatically Group daily discussions create more immersion, you get additional perspective from your fellow travelers. All aspects of the trip are taken care for you, sit back, enjoy, learn, no hassle! Time left to explore some tourist attractions and have some shopping time, it's not all work - there is lots of play and fun!   Itinerary October 15: Departure from your country (Airfare not included in package and must be purchased in accordance with IAC Retrocognitive Tour 2017 guidelines) October 16: Arrival in Athens October 17: Athens October 18: Greek Island Tour October 19: Elefsina, Isthmia, Tolo October 20: Epidaurus, Mykines October 21: Delphi October 22: Patras, Boat trip to the South of Italy October 23: Ostuni, Puglia, Matera October 24: Pompeii, Napoli October 25-26: Rome October 27: Rome, Citavecchia, Boat trip to Barcelona October 28: Barcelona, Valencia October 29: Valencia, Toledo October 30: Toledo, Madrid October 31: Estoril, Cascais November 1: Sintra November 2: Lisbon November 3-5: IAC Campus Course

What our previous students say: - "Recovering many pieces of the puzzle of my own memory, spanning many lifetimes, is an evolutionary catalyst..." - "As to experiences, I still think I have no idea of everything I have experienced. I know that for several months I will be connected to the locations visited.." - "A minute of experience with energies onsite is worth more than many years of practice .."   This trip could be your shortcut to faster evolution in this life and the next ones, don't miss this opportunity!

Retreat Location:
Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal

October 15 -November 5, 2017
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