Spiritual Tantra Sexuality Retreat

Ignite Your Practical Understanding of the Ageless, Powerful Path of Tantra!! 

16-20 May 2017. In this practical and experiential retreat for singles & couples alike, embark on an exciting journey into the world of tantric sexuality.

Spiritual Tantra Sexuality Retreat This retreat is open to singles and couples and covers the teachings of the sexual energy from an evolutionary standpoint, its conservation and cultivation for personal transformation and spiritual growth. Additionally, you will be experiencing the alchemy behind tantric rituals and exercises and their direct effect on strengthening your tantric practice.

-What is spiritual sexuality and how to use energy during lovemaking -7 different female orgasms explained -The distinction between orgasm and ejaculation for men -How can men and women achieve together multiple orgasms -Transmutation and sublimation practices -Tantric rituals and exercises   Participants will study the tantric orgasm and how to develop it through an understanding of tantric techniques such as sublimation, retention, transfiguration, and more, supported by a relevant practice of Hatha Yoga to enhance sexual vitality.

Whether you are in a coupleship looking to deepen the connection with your partner physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually; OR you are currently single and wishing to personally develop, spiritually evolve and acquire sacred sexual knowledge to prepare you for a future partner; OR you desire to know yourself more intimately and cultivate an authentic love for self; This course offers something for everyone.   Castle Wasmuthhausen is a perfectly situated picturesque seminar center in the gentle hills of Northern Bavaria, Germany. Due to its relative remoteness in the earlier times, the whole area has preserved a lot of its serenity and beauty.

Retreat Location:
Maroldsweisach, Bavaria Germany

16-20 May 2017
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