The Sanctuary Healing Retreat Center

Personalised and Group Transformational Journeys on the Mexican Riviera

The Sanctuary is a health retreat of physical detoxification, spiritual awareness, and self-empowerment through community

The Sanctuary Healing Retreat Center The sanctuary is a healing space accesable to everyone where they can undergo personal transformation. We create an environment of healing and togetherness by facilitating individual and group retreats which focus on physical cleanses (Liver/Gallbladder, Parasites, MMS, Juicing, Massage, Vegan meals, Yoga), Emotional clearing (EFT, Breathwork,) and Spiritual Awakening (Meditation, Tibetan Bowls, dynamic breathwork) Our daily program consists of meditation, heart sharing, yoga, fresh juices, vegan meals, detox hour, free time and experiential workshops. To deliver our vision of offering our services to anyone in need retreats are offered to Guests, SEVA guests and volunteers Come, join our family.

We facilitate specialised individual and group retreats such as Women's only retreats, Detoxification retreats, yoga teacher's training. The most important outcome from any of our retreats is the sense of family and life long friendships that are created as a result of these shared transformational experiences.   Our food is an integral component of our retreat program. We offer freshly prepared morning juices, fresh coconut water, raw foods and vegan foods. All of our meals are prepared by Sanctuary team members with love and laughter resulting in these positive vibrations flowing into our food.

Morning yoga forms the foundation of our healing programs as it trains us to marry the correct breathe with movement resulting in physical detoxification, a quietened mind, improved connection with our bodies and a great workout! Each session is different and responds to the energy and needs of the group.   A variety of lodging is available from shared rooms, private rooms and one private suite. Villa style accommodation provides the advantage that all facilities are contained within the same building - all activities proceed regardless of weather conditions

Retreat Location:
Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Open All Year
+52 (1) 999 181 1528

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