Women’s Wisdom Retreat

Safe Space, Small Group, Women in Mid-Life. Insight and Answers to Confusion, Frustrations and Disappointments. 

March 13-17 2017 (Teacher's Only). Other Dates, Apr 3-7 and most months. Life-changing, New Perspectives for Women in Mid-Life facing challenges, relationship difficulties, asking bigger questions.

Women’s Wisdom Retreat The middle years call our attention to the places where our lives are not aligned; where there is a need for change. Now is the time to focus on what really matters, who you really are and how you will show up for the rest of your life. Since 2000, skilled retreat facilitator, Daryl Wood has offered a safe and loving space for women to unplug and turn inward; connecting with themselves in an honest, compassionate way. Through thought-provoking, experiential activities, they find hope, gain many tools and an empowered perspective. Visit www.womenswisdomretreats.com for details and heartfelt testimonials. www.womenswisdomretreats.com.

We take advantage of the beautiful Bruce Peninsula and Niagara Escarpment waters, trees and rocks to encourage our understanding of our connection to the universe and natural world. Time spent in silence in nature is an effective way for participants to centre themselves.    Twice a day we gather in a quiet space to learn the basics of meditation and create a practice that honours the inward journey. For some it is a new and enlightening experience while others deepen their practice. Everyone moves at their own pace to quiet their mind. 

A key activity at the retreat is journal writing. Recording feelings and thoughts in a journal helps us to process our experiences of both learning and life. This is a powerful tool for giving us insights into the inner dialogue that influences heart and mind.   This is a working retreat with structured sessions to provide the best possible opportunities for getting to know yourself. Guided group activities, private coaching, and a healthy environment lead to understanding and self-acceptance. The small group ensures that every woman has a voice. Confidentiality and self-care are upheld throughout.

Retreat Location:
Tobermory, Ontario

March 13 - 17, 2017 (Teachers Only). Other Dates in 2017: April 3 - 7, April 17 - 21, May 1 - 5, May 15 - 19, May 29 - June 2, August 28 - September 1, September 18 - 22, October 2 - 6, October 30 - November 3.
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