Women's Empowerment Dynamic Day Retreat

A Positive Perspective on Life and Relationships

March 25, 2017: A perfect start to the year, learning simple, effective tools for success.

Women's Empowerment Dynamic Day Retreat When we feel resentment, overwhelm, frustration, disappointment, anger or guilt in our personal or professional relationships we often default into feeling victimized whether we label it that way or not. What if you could tap into a wellspring of inner resilience to resolve lingering problems or to escape the exhaustion of trying to please others? Imagine liberating yourself from dysfunctional relationships that drain your energy or learning to shield yourself from bullying, humiliation and disrespect. Daryl Wood, CPCC is a Certified TED* Practitioner, experienced workshop facilitator and Women's Wisdom Retreats leader who is deeply passionate about helping others to embrace the principles of The Empowerment Dynamic.

Among like-minded women of all ages, you will quickly and confidently shift your focus towards the outcomes you really want. You will actively prepare and practice defining specific steps that help clarify the vision you have for your life and relationships. Read testimonials on the www.darylwood website.   What sets this workshop apart is how committed Daryl is to ensuring every woman has a voice. Drawing from her sixteen years of successfully creating safe spaces for learning and opportunities for growth, Daryl has custom designed this retreat experience to offer proven and effective tools that will equip you to handle any daily challenge.


Retreat Location:
Milton, Ontario

March 25-26 2017
(519) 596-2385

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