Yoga Teacher Training

200 hours Yoga Alliance Certifie

May 25-June 20 2017. A transformational journey into the heart of yoga in the lap of a spiritual eco-community.

Yoga Teacher Training The 200 hour PachaMama Yoga Teacher Training bridges Hatha yoga with Shaolin energetic arts. Breaking the boundaries of traditional hatha yoga, this training combines the wisdom of the yoga lineage with a contemporary understanding of the body, emotional system, and spiritual practices.

This training sharpens body perception and ignites a process of genuine transformation. The union of contemporary healing modalities with these ancient forms allows for a deeper experience of what yoga truly is – an art of living, with the clear intention to know oneself and align with truth.   The deeper aspects of this training initiate a personal movement exploration that reveals the body’s mysteries. These profound tools activate the body’s innate wisdom, allowing one to become more alive within the yoga practice.

This in-depth training is much more than a yoga experience. It is the path of yoga weaved within deep transformational healing work, Earth rituals, community, movement culture and the garden of silence. This training supports the shift towards embracing life with awareness, acceptance of oneself, the recognition of oneness and reverence for the Earth.   The training takes place in the unique village of PachaMama supported by the community’s meditative quality and inspired by its way of meeting life with authenticity and reverence.

Retreat Location:
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

May 25-June 20 2017
+506 8825 0661

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