Yoga and Spa Retreat in Hawaii

The Art of Self-Care Retreat for Women

May 27-June 2, 2018 on the Big Island, Hawaii. Give yourself the relaxation you crave at a revitalizing yoga spa retreat.

Yoga and Spa Retreat in Hawaii Treat yourself to a week of relaxation and yoga at a luxurious hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii. Spend time building the most important foundation for your well-being: learning how to take care of yourself and practicing it. This retreat is packed with feel-good activities like yoga, massages and healthy smoothies in warm, lush Hawaii. You'll practice self-care rituals that will nourish and revitalize you physically and mentally. Morning yoga class, meditation, and self-care workshops are followed by afternoons free for enjoying a massage, delicious food, or a well-earned snooze in the hammock. Join other women like yourself interested in learning the art of a balanced life. Self-compassion is on the path towards self-realization.

We have carefully chosen a hotel, Hawaii Island Retreat's eco-boutique hotel and wellness spa, as a place of intentional peacefulness, set among towering evergreens and ocean breezes along Hawaii Island's North Kohala coast. When you visit Hawaii Island Retreat you quickly realize the wonder of our sacred land. Here, you can relax and unwind on 50 acres of gardens, wild groves, and ancient valley trails.   This workshop is right for you if are: -feeling drained with never enough time for yourself -craving time to rest and rejuvenate in a luxurious space -wanting a healthier lifestyle but struggling to achieve it -placing everyone else's needs above your own -struggling to keep it all together -wanting to fulfill your dreams but not sure how to get there. Self-care and a healthy lifestyle are on the path towards living a life you love. You'll start walking on this path during our week together.


Retreat Location:
Big Island, Hawaii

May 27-June 2, 2018
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