Retreats in Scotland

Yoga Retreats

Retreats Online in Scotland are tranquil and inspiring. They include writers, artists, yoga, detox, eco, meditation and health centres dedicated to wellness, inspiration and spiritual growth.

Spiritual / Religious Retreats

In every exotic corner of fabled, historic Scotland, from Stone Henge to Ullapool to Glen Coe, you can enjoy a retreat atmosphere for enhancing personal development, restoring mental Health or evolving spiritual growth or religious expansion. We help you find exactly the right spot for what you are ready to experience.

Health / Wellness Retreats

Scotland has some of the best health and wellness retreats in the world. Whether you seek fasting for detox, diet for weight loss, hiking for fitness or relaxation in a spa, Scotland has it. Connect with the right retreat for physical healing and mental health in the directory of Retreats Online.

Nature / Adventure Retreats

From pristine coastal beaches to rugged inland inns, nature abounds in all of its stunning beauty in Scotland. Hiking retreats or just time out - we help you find the right spot.
You will find dated retreat events, and year-round retreat locations.

Retreats by Location