Concentration, Jhana, and Mindfulness of Breathing

A Group Silent Meditation Retreat. May 12-21, 2020

 Concentration, Jhana, and Mindfulness of Breathing This 10-day retreat will utilize the breath as the primary meditation object and will encourage the development of meditative skills that lead to deep concentration (samadhi) and liberating insight (vipassana). Daily group instructions will focus on the sixteen steps that the Buddha taught in the Anapanasati Sutta. One-to-one guidance will tailor the practices to meet the needs and interests of individual students.

This retreat will be held at Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, in a quiet valley near Clear Lake in the beautiful wine country of Northern California. Information for this retreat, and other meditation retreats in the USA, Canada, and Europe led by Shaila Catherine, are posted at   SHAILA CATHERINE has led meditation retreats worldwide since 1996. She authored two books on deep concentration (jhana) and insight meditation (vipassana) titled (1) Focused and Fearless, and (2) Wisdom Wide and Deep. Shaila is personally dedicated to meditation practice and has accumulated nine years of silent retreat practice. She founded Insight Meditation South Bay (, a Buddhist meditation center in Silicon Valley, and Bodhi Courses ( where she offers two online courses each year on topics related to concentration and insight meditation.


Retreat Location:
Insight Meditation South Bay at Upper Lake, CA, USA, in Europe, and worldwide

May 12-21, 2020
(408) 761-9659

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