2020 Tell a New Story

Yoga & Family Constellations Retreat on the Shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

January 10th- 16th, 2020 Join us for an intentional journey into a new decade!

2020  Tell a New Story Join us for a transformational week where we will take precious time to uncover the stories that currently run our lives and look at ways to tell new ones - stories that foster joy, connection, and well-being as we move into this new decade. Through the practice of yoga, mindfulness, and family constellation work, during our six night, seven day retreat, we will have the opportunity to find stillness, practice presence, and connect with our passion and purpose.

A short boat ride from the village of Santiago on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, lies the beautiful eco-haven of the Mystical Yoga Farm. For seven days and six nights we will be serenely off-grid, eating zero-mile food, creating a sacred container for joyful exploration and potent inner work.   Through daily workshops and practices we will explore the themes of family and ancestral heritage – how they shape our stories of self and our experiences of the world. Through awareness, we can choose new stories to move forward with clarity and peace in 2020 and beyond.

Snuggled into the Guatemalan Highlands of the Sierra Madre mountain range lies Lake Atitin, our home for our time in retreat together. In the Nahuatl language the word, Atitin translates to “the place where the rainbow gets its colors”. The lake is considered by the Maya to be a sacred portal to the underworld, and a place of great beauty and power.   Your facilitators, Luna Ceovelli and Lindsay Flynn, are passionate about creating embodied transformational experiences that reconnect us with who we really are. Their retreats, workshops and events focus on coming home to the present moment by harmonizing the personal with the global aspects of our daily lives. Together, their approaches encourage personal empowerment, the bodies divine wisdom, and its innate ability to heal.

Retreat Location:
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

January 10th- 16th, 2020

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