28-Day Body Transformation Retreat

Fitness, Biking, and Yoga for Weight Loss

Fitness Biking Retreat for wellness lifestyle, whole foods, and personal training.

28-Day Body Transformation Retreat Total lifestyle body transformation, not a crash diet program. Unique from other fitness and weight loss camps, Debra Stefan Fitness serves live-in clients in a private residence since 2008. Accommodations include whole foods, weight loss coaching, and personal training. Only three to four clients are in-house at a time. The residence is private and not open to the public. Adult Fitness and Weight Loss Services include small group semi-private personal training, private room accommodations, and wellness coaching by resident certified personal trainer, ERYT-500 Yoga instructor-Debra Stefan. Whole foods provided for your choice of three supervised and self-prepared meals plus two shakes. Accountability includes weigh-ins, nutrition and exercise journaling. Training offers a variety of weight training and cardio activities such as jump rope, kettlebell, and rowing. Daily biking retreat uses both single speed cruisers, mountain bikes, and trikes according to client need. Daily upbeat, motivating instruction includes a combination of agility and balance drills, fat-burning cardio, strength training, swimming, and yoga; leaving no one behind. Individual exercise modifications apply. No matter what your limitations are, you get fit, lose weight, and make progress you are unable to achieve on your own.

Retreat Location:
Henderson, Nevada

All seasons

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