8 days Magical Meditation Inner Journey and Yoga

Life -Changing Experiences in the Sacred Valley in Peru - Lake Titicaca

More adventures for life in Peru - Feb. 19th- 26th 2019 ~Early bird discount ~

8 days Magical Meditation Inner Journey and Yoga We invite you to join an inner and outer journey to the main energy vortexes and sacred sites in Lake Titicaca, Peru. Visit Arumu Muru, portals to other dimensions, Fertility temple in Chucuito, Uros Straw Islands, Silustani ruins. Stay with indigenous family in Amantani island and part take in a sacred depscaho ceremony in Pacha Mama Temple. See stunning nature and culture while we meditate and connect deeply, practice yoga and learn self- empowering healing tools.Enjoy delicious, healthy plant based foods. Join our yoga, meditation teacher and healer Angel Amita and our local, spiritual guide Ernesto. This is as much a healing journey as a yoga and meditation journey to some of the most amazing and powerful places on earth. We promise you and amazing journey! Prices starting at 777$ all inclusive. Email for more info. We are very honored and excited to receive you.

Visit a real indigenous Aymara Family from The Island of Amantani. Here we will be welcomed warmly and served delicious, traditional food. We will learn how to make quinoa soup and join a local shaman for sacred despacho ceremony for Mother Earth in the Pacha Mama Temple.   We will spend one whole day in the powerful portal Arumu Muru. Said to have roots back to Lemuria and Atlantis, this is a gateway to other dimensions. We spend a whole day here in meditation, prayer, sending the energies. It is truly life changing.


Retreat Location:
Puno, Amantani, Lake Titicaca, Peru

Feb. 19th-26th 2019
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