A Custom Retreat to Change Your Brain

Neurotechnology Enhancements To Actualize Your Desired Transformation

We tailor your goals to principles of brain change, for "real time" shifts that last

A Custom Retreat to Change Your Brain Dr. Kevin Fleming is Founder of Grey Matters International, a cutting edge concierge neuroscience based technology firm working worldwide on customizing programs of personal, couples, and team-based changes of the brain.  Traveling the world for private one-on-one models of care, these retreats are life-changing for they are all customized around his neurotechnology, a client's rest and relaxation goals, and insightful coaching/training on how to get unstuck with neuroplasticity insights.

Grey Matters International, Inc. works with clients in Colorado and all over the world, in a "we come to you" fashion on their personal, health, marital, executive and team concerns around private transformations   "Grey Matters International, Inc provides a well-needed service in the sometimes trite and overly-motivation-based personal growth and retreat market. If you are seeking true behavior change solutions that last, Dr. Fleming's thinking and tools are the way to go..." Bill Bartmann National Entrepreneur of the Year

Dr. Fleming is a thought leader on behavior change, who has been featured in CNN, Newsweek , Fortune, and the New York Times. His work has been endorsed by faculty in both Harvard Medical and Business Schools and has coached clients on 5 continents.   Dr. Fleming travels the world as your private coach/retreat facilitator to ensure that your retreat experience is not just a relaxation getaway, but also one with intention and purpose for your unique mental health, healing or 'getting unstuck' type goals.

Retreat Location:
Colorado. Also many other locations around the world.

Offered all year.
(877) 606-6161

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