A Hermitage Tended by Lily Myers Kaplan

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Where spiritual seekers find e solitude that awakens truth in response to heartfelt yearning.

A Hermitage Tended by Lily Myers Kaplan SoulWorks offers soul-centered counseling and personal retreats on twenty awe-inspiring acres in the stunning Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. Lily Myers Kaplan, MA, an ordained minister and soul-coach for nearly thirty years, started SoulWorks as an expression of her deeply held commitment to live a life guided by Soul. Combining story with encounters between the human-soul and the soul-of-nature, Lily supports healing with individuals, couples and groups. In addition to her private practice, Lily has been a graduate program director of a modern-day mystery school, a hospice volunteer manager, and is currently the executive director of a small non-profit organization called The Spirit of Resh Foundation

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you to the Sanctuary at Rainbow Ridge. My deepest hope is that you will come here to enter a retreat for rest, solitude, and inner renovation. And that you, like so many hermits before you, find the spiritual upliftment which comes from communion with this land.   The soul-engagement and inner inquiry that countless hermits have carried out here has built a sacred trust between human and earth forces. This on-going reciprocity builds a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds, creating the potential for deep healing and transformation within these borders.

Retreat Location:
Applegate, Oregon

All seasons

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