Art and Healing Mini-Retreats for Women

Delve Into Your Spiritual Healing Through Creative Expression & Ceremony

Jan 2020. Deep & personal spiritual growth, healing and renewal within the Circle Space of Sacred Sisterhood.

Art and Healing Mini-Retreats for Women The Art & Healing Mini-Retreats for Women provide space to Nourish Your Spirit through growth, depth, and connection. The Mini-Retreats are a blend of guided & intuitive art making, of ceremony & ritual, of guided meditations & shamanic journeys, and of sharing within Sacred Sisterhood. Themes change with each retreat, allowing you to focus on different areas of your life each time you attend. They are held in the beauty and safety of an Art Therapy Studio, and facilitated by a professional Spiritually Integrated Art Therapist. Enjoy sinking into the time and space that has been set apart from the everyday, allowing you to nourish your Spirit in the betwixt and between. This is a beautiful Heart-Gift to give to your Spirit.

Retreats are held within the beauty of the Art Therapy Studio, providing space for flow and for stillness. Each Mini-Retreat will allow participants to journey deep within their personal material, exploring healing in profound and moving ways. The focus of each Mini-Retreat will differ, providing women opportunities to address different material and landscapes for on-going healing and personal growth. No art experience is required to join in this healing journey! Please see the website for details on each retreat and how to register.   Nikki is a professional spiritually integrated Art Therapist, who enjoys lifelong passions for art, healing, spirituality, cats, trees, and Sacred Sisterhood, among other things. She creates and holds sacred space in a way that allows each woman to be exactly who she is, held in non-judgement and safety. Nikki will meet you where you are on your personal Path, and walk alongside you as a Guide while you journey into your spiritual landscapes. She brings over 20 years of spiritual practice to her professional training, and welcomes you into the Sacred Circle of healing through Art and Sisterhood.


Retreat Location:
Hay Lakes, Alberta

January 2020

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