Awaken and Come Alive Again

Let Go. Feel More Alive, Authentic, Clear and Peaceful

May 14-18, 2020. Self-inquiry retreat in the beautiful Niagara escarpment forest of Southern Ontario

Awaken and Come Alive Again Maybe you are feeling stuck, empty and disconnected. You've hit something in life and are asking: "What's the point?' "Why am I here?" "Who am I?" You secretly wish to get away to let go of feeling overwhelmed and find inner peace and strength to come alive again. Imagine having four days to delve deeply into these big questions of life and to be met with deep listening, safe communication and the loving guidance of trained staff without having to take months off to meditate or follow dogmatic teachings.

In the Coming Home retreat you will find the wisdom in the trials and tribulations of your life, and reclaim the resilience, contentment, expansiveness, happiness and inner abundance that have always resided within.   “The place in my heart that was closed is now open and alive with the knowledge that, there is nothing more beautiful in life than the recognition of who you actually are! I am fulfilled with this gift. And I am thrilled to be me.” Cheryl Laird Guelph, Ontario

“I now have the unshakeable strength of knowing deeply who and what I am, which sustains me on a moment to moment basis in a quiet, steadfast, joyful way. I have more energy now than I’ve ever had.“ -Gail Buss, Philadelphia, Penn   Take the opportunity to delve deeply into the true nature of yourself and life. Reclaim your lost self and feel whole and free again. Have your newly discovered authentic presence enrich all areas of your life.

Retreat Location:
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18 2020
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