Awaken to Bliss, Deepen Enlightenment. All Levels

Exciting, Relaxing 5 Day Bliss Retreat With Lasting Results Led by Lola Jones. End Suffering, Struggle and Seeking. Experience Presence in You.

Sept 23-28 2018. Resolve issues en masse. Know True Joy, Inner Peace, Creativity, Freedom, and Success in This Life.

Awaken to Bliss, Deepen Enlightenment. All Levels People in 150 countries have found their lives permanently transformed with Divine Openings. Refreshingly different from any other spiritual, healing, meditation, or yoga retreat you've ever done. It’s all about ease and grace. There is no hard work or processing. The results in your practical life are tangible and profound, opening up relationships, money, health, and mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being - in any area of life where you want more, it's possible. So much happens for you in this one week, the days chipping away at individual issues for years or lifetimes are OVER. You'll keep unfolding from this retreat long after it's over. Our California retreats takes place at Lola’s retreat-like home in the gorgeous mountain town of Alpine, just outside of San Diego. Healthy meals offered with accommodations for vegetarian diet included. Preparation and post-retreat support course are included. This retreat is perfect for people of any skill level. From advanced to beginner, each will get exactly what is needed.

Lola Jones created one of today's most powerful spiritual teachings, Divine Openings, to help you have a wonderful awakened life on earth here and NOW. Lola is one of those teachers who can ignite your bliss body with a touch or hug, and just by being with her for these five days your life will open and blossom. It's an enormous boost and accelerator - you don't have to struggle anymore. Let in this powerful Grace.   A spiritual retreat with Lola is like stepping into a powerful vortex of joyful transformation and empowerment. And it’s never over -- it keeps expanding after the retreat. On our retreats, lives are permanently transformed. People return home to a different world. The Universe shifts on its axis to match your newly raised vibration.


Retreat Location:
Alpine, California

September 23-28, 2018

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