Ayahuasca Yoga Retreat in Sacred Valley, Peru

Full Body Reset: Detox, Heal and Enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit

Adventure of a Lifetime near Machu Picchu in the Sacred Valley of Perú - Aug 2nd-13th 2018

Ayahuasca Yoga Retreat in Sacred Valley, Peru During this Spirit Quest Perú retreat you will Cleanse & Rejuvenate your body, break through blocks and limiting beliefs and connect deeply to your spirit and self-love. We will participate in 2 Ayahuasca and 1 San Pedro Ceremonies, all guided by experienced shamanic healers. You will visit the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu and various other sacred archaeological sites (some of which are unknown to tourists). During these excursions, you will go beyond sightseeing by engaging in transformative exercises that connect you with indigenous wisdom of the land as well as your own inner wisdom. The program also includes preparatory support, a delicious cleansing diet, energizing physical activities (yoga, hiking and dance), breathe work, deep inner work, local shopping and post-experience integration. INVESTMENT: $3,800 (Covers everything once you touch down in Cusco, Perú)

This is an invitation to immerse yourself in a Joyful, Spiritual and Transformative community in the Sacred Valley of Perú for 12 enriching days. Top Reasons Participants Choose our Retreats: Deep Transformation, Heal the Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit, Spiritual Growth, Clarity around True Purpose, Love and Creativity, Tribe and Community, Cultivate Inner Peace, Holistic Detox and Mental Reset, Safety and Experienced Medicine Carriers   Watching people's lives transform during and in the months that follow the Perú retreats is amazing. They say Ayahuasca is the Harvard of the Soul. So True! People resolve emotionally-exhausting inner wounds or blocks in 1 or 2 ceremonies vs. 10-20 years of talk therapy. Mix these sacred ceremonies in with a heart-centered, high-functioning tribe of adventurous artists, healers, entrepreneurs and conscious professionals that are willing to "go there," and what you get is a profound and joyful experience in the Sacred Valley that'll change whats possible for your life and the way you see yourself, your work in the world, society, partnership and family.

RETREAT HIGHLIGHTS. • Yoga, Breathe Work and Meditation. • Music and Ecstatic Dance sessions. • Ayahuasca and San Pedro: Shamanic Detox Ceremonies. • Plenty of downtime to relax, journal or explore the area. • Visits to Machu Picchu and various Sacred Valley archaeological sites. • Tour guide and translation services for all group activities. • Daily healthy delicious meals. • 11 nights accommodation. • Joy, Self-Confidence, Clarity and True Purpose achieved!   Surrounded by the Andean mountains, the Sacred Valley is a beautiful and energetically conducive setting for personal transformation and spiritual growth. Our retreat center is located in the quaint town of Pisac, the picturesque village nested amongst Incan ruins. We will visit the traditional Quechua food and artisan market tucked in at the base of the majestic Andes mountains. This Joyful, Holistic Detox and Reset experience combines the traditional customs, foods and shamanic rituals of Perú with a modern-day Spirit Quest.

Retreat Location:
Pisac, Peru

August 2-13 2018

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