Bali, Indonesia Clarity Breathwork

Retreats & Training Program! Transform Your Life and Liberate Your Potential Through the Power of Breath – 5 Levels.

Apr 8-May 6, 2020. Join an incredible adventure of healing and transformation in the incredible prayer field of Bali!

Bali, Indonesia Clarity Breathwork The Clarity Breathwork/Bali Experience is life changing! It’s an opportunity to dive deep into yourself and go on a transformational journey into a much more expanded experience of who you are and what is possible for you to live. With daily Clarity Breathwork Sessions, Sacred Music and Mantra, Guided Movement & Dance, Light Body Mediations and Healing Processes to help you clear out what’s in the way of you stepping into your bigger life. We are richly supported by the incredible Prayer filled field of Bali's devotional community of sacred ceremonies, immense beauty and nurturing.

Retreat Location:
Bali Indonesia

Apr 23 - May 6 2020
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