Blissful Living Retreat

Find Freedom & Fulfillment to Live Your Authentic Life

Sept 13-15 2019. For brave-hearted women ready to reset and re-awaken to a more empowered way of being.

Blissful Living Retreat Whether you’re dealing with past childhood trauma, (been there) battling an illness or the pain of addiction (check) suffering physical or emotional abuse (check) drowning in debt (yep check) going through the grief or loss of a job, loved one or divorce (I have those under my belt too) or just simply feeling not good enough, sad, stuck, lost and unsure what path to take, know this; At the depth of your despair lies the courage to let go of what you cannot change + the wisdom to control, shift or transform what you can.

What helps us to heal is creating the space, quiet time for reflection and most importantly the tools to heal, move forward and recreate ourselves. All BLR experiences begin with a foundation of honouring yourself, accepting who you are and letting go of the identity you have created as a result of your experiences.   Love is the most powerful healing force there is and tremendous freedom can be found through Learning to love yourself as you are, right now Making peace with your body Being present with your feelings in this moment Understanding the effects of stress and trauma on the body Integrating new skills and practices to support healing Overcoming emotional suffering, unresolved trauma & adversity Fostering resilience, owning your power to live fully & love fiercely

Understand why the Chakra-system is an evolutionary framework that holds the key to embodying freedom and ultimately finding greater fulfillment in your life. Use this powerful system to connect with your inner resources, self-regulate and discharge traumatic energy stuck in your nervous system.   Use breath exercises and movement therapy to gain insight into healthy physical, emotional and psychic boundaries. You'll design a personal regime for removing obstacles, finding calm, re-programming your life, building resiliency and own the happiness + love that resides within you.

Retreat Location:
Muskoka, Ontario

September 13-15 2019
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