Clarity Breathwork PachaMama Costa Rica

Levels 1 & 2. Transform Your Life & Liberate Your Potential With Clarity Breathwork

Jan 23-Feb 24 2020. Join us for a deep immersion into the Breath in the incredible Eco-Village of Pachamama

Clarity Breathwork PachaMama Costa Rica Clarity Breathwork is life changing! It's a profound healing modality to shift your life and open to more of who you really are. This 8-day combined Level 1 & 2 intensive is for your own personal healing and rejuvenation. It is a deep dive into the Self, with daily Clarity Breathwork sessions, mantra and sacred music, dance and movement practices, light body transmissions and a profound journey through exploring birth, early imprints & bonding, relationships & sexuality. We breathe on land and in water. We emerge renewed, inspired and empowered to live our greater destiny in the World.

Retreat Location:
Pachamama, Costa Rica

Jan 23-Feb 24 2020.
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