Colorado Yoga, Canyons Hiking, Hot Springs Retreat

Weekend Yoga Retreat with Canyons Hiking & Hot Springs!

May 14-17, June 11-14, Oct 22-25, 2020: Yoga, Canyons Hiking, Hot Springs. Recharge and Renew. Connect Mind, Body, Soul.

Colorado Yoga, Canyons Hiking, Hot Springs Retreat Join us for a relaxing yet energizing yoga retreat in stunning red rock canyon country at the historic SunMountain Wellness Center in Colorado, located in the heart of stunning red rock canyons and on six acres of terraced gardens and biodynamic farms. Surrounded by natural beauty, the intimate setting of SunMountain provides the perfect space for cultivation of a deep connection with nature and your inner self. Led by Sally Mitchell of Body Flows Retreats, you will have the opportunity to practice and experience yoga for all levels, guided meditations, hiking in the canyons, hot mineral baths and more. The morning yoga classes will be Vinyasa Flow, linking movement with the breath, moving your body through both power and restorative poses, available for all levels and abilities. The classes will be theme-based, creative and balanced and will incorporate pranayama, strengthening, stretching, detoxing, energizing, and meditation. You will experience a safe and nurturing practice, leaving you feeling relaxed yet energized. There will be one Yin and one Restorative class during the retreat. All levels are welcome and encouraged. Double, Single or Quadruple occupancy available. Click the link below to learn more and register.

Walking distance from the quaint town of Manitou Springs with its artsy boutiques and culture, and walking distance from the Garden of the Gods, with it's stunning red rock canyons and hiking trails, SunMountain is a truly special place for recharging and rejuvenating whilst also exploring and enjoying the outdoors. The healing SunWater Spa where we will spend 2 hours soaking in hot mineral water in cedar tubs, healing for mind, body and soul, is just 10 mins walk from the retreat center. With a thriving farm onsite, SunMountain takes sustainability and farm-to-table service seriously, with gluten free, organic, vegetarian and highly nutritious meals, and farm-fresh eggs gathered from onsite chickens daily.   Client Testimonial: "This was the first time I embarked on a solo retreat of any kind, and after much research I arrived upon Body Flows after reading so many positive reviews and now I know why. I wasn't sure what to expect but this experience excelled beyond my hopes. Sally is a wonderful host and guide. She made everyone feel welcomed, relaxed and safe. She also has a wonderful sense of humor and made us smile throughout the weekend. I really enjoyed the yoga classes, and learned how to correct some poses and master some new ones! The sound bath at the end of the weekend was a beautiful way of closing out the practice. It wasn't planned but was an incredible experience and very moving." - Gurjeet, New York

Body Flows Client Testimonial: "I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and this was hands down my favorite retreat. Sally comes with a wealth of yoga knowledge and experience that she shares in a comfortable and supportive way. Her classes were deep, insightful, nourishing, and energizing. The group was awesome professional women from a variety of backgrounds. I love that we practiced yoga and meditation together but also had time to explore on our own or in small groups. I already signed up for another Body Flows retreat!” ~ Angela, San Francisco   Sally is an inspiring teacher and healer, sharing with others the practices that have helped her to heal her own body and discover a path of transformation and greater self awareness. Growing up in Scotland, Sally has been an athlete since childhood, always loving movement and fascinated by the human body, the power of the mind and the greater Universe. She is grateful to have the opportunity to inspire others to live a healthier and happier life and awaken to their inner desires and purpose, through the gifts of yoga, meditation, reflection, mindful movement, massage, energy healing and essential oils. She looks forward to meeting you and being a part of your spiritual journey.

Retreat Location:
Manitou Springs, CO

May 14-17, June 11-14, Oct 22-25, 2020
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