Deep Calling – Discovering Your Life Purpose

Re-Ignite your Passion and Find the Deeper Meaning of your Life.

April 6-7 2019. A Retreat with Russell Allen Scott

Deep Calling – Discovering Your Life Purpose Does life seem like a soulless endless routine? Do you wake up in the morning feeling lost and hopeless yearning to know what your life is really all about? Imagine knowing the real purpose underneath everything you are doing. Maybe you would have more enjoyment, energy and motivation and feel always inspired with creative ideas in your chosen career. You would be more able to overcome challenges that have stopped you and you’d express the best part of yourself in life.

In this retreat you will discover: Your primary life goals, the 3-4 careers that match your passions and interests, your unique values and gifts and the fundamental “soul mission” embedded in your life to inspire others.   The Deep Calling retreat is April 6 and 7 at the scenic rural Eramosa-Eden retreat centre east of Guelph Ontario.

“Within 2 days, I discovered my life's purpose which was hidden within me the whole time.  What a liberating experience because it lightened up the seemingly confused and uncharted routes I had taken in life.  Beyond empowering -- the experience has shifted my whole perspective of being.” Heather Embree   Russell Scott is the author of the critically-acclaimed book "Awakening the Guru in You" and has led Self-Realization and Life Purpose retreats internationally for 1000’s of spiritual seekers over the last 30 years.

Retreat Location:
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

April 6-7 2019

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