Detox on a Certified Organic Farm

5,7 and 10 Day Retreats, Can Accommodate Most Start Dates

We are a working vegan, certified organic farm. We offer opportunities to cleanse your body and mind by coming to stay in our farmhouse and enjoying our property while you cleanse. We offer homemade, fresh, certified organic juices for your juicing fast or fresh, certified organic, raw vegan meals.

Detox on a Certified Organic Farm Come stay on our vegan, no kill farm and cleanse your body and spirit! You or your group will have our farmhouse all to yourselves and can choose from 3 detox menus. The juices and food are made daily on site and are all from certified organic produce. We offer 5, 7 or 10 day detox programs. You can choose your style of detox for what your body most needs; a total juice fast (supported with vegetable broth and cleansing herbs), a raw vegan or a vegan meal cleanse. The meal cleanses are supported with green juices and farm made herbal teas and supplements. Daily support and instruction is given by your host who has over 28 years experience with fasting and detox programs. Those wishing to do their own colon cleanses will receive detailed instruction. In addition, we can schedule sessions with a nearby colon hydrotherapist, a masseuse who will come to the farmhouse, or a practitioner who will do raindrop therapy.

The mainstay of our juice fasts is a daily green juice. We make this from our apples, cucumbers, celery and greens from our fields. In addition, we add in freshly gathered wild herbs and greens that are in season. This adds mega vitamins for your body restructuring. As you fast, your body begins the process of cleaning itself out and detoxing whatever toxins are stored. Green juices help flush out the toxins while adding valuable nutrition to your cells. Being freshly gathered greatly enhances their viability.   You will stay in our farmhouse and have it to yourself (for you or your group) as we do not book more than one person or group at a time. The house is from the 40's but has been remodeled and has each room decorated with items from one of the countries the owners lived in. There are 3 bedrooms (the upstairs attic room has a Japanese futon) and one bathroom. There is a full sized kitchen and a small meditation/yoga area.The house has a very large, fenced yard.

Retreat Location:
Eugene, OR

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