Easter Long Weekend Retreat

With Dorothy Price of Santosha Yoga Retreats

Apr 10-13 2020, and summer and fall. "All levels" yoga, pranayama and meditation on beautiful Salt Spring Island!

Easter Long Weekend Retreat Escape to the beauty of lovely Salt Spring Island! Stowel Lake Organic Farm and Wellness Centre has everything needed for a weekend of yoga, rest and relaxation. Dorothy has been teaching/hosting retreats since 2002 and always picks the most beautiful locations with the best food! Salt Spring Island is a popular destination and easy to travel to from Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo. Both the "Spring Renewal" Retreat in April and the "Victoria Day Long Weekend" retreat in May are designed to help heal and cleanse body and mind. Immerse yourself in nature, the yoga practices and healthful eating. The May long weekend retreat gives you an opportunity to have an extra day to delve more deeply into relaxation and yoga practice. With both retreats enjoy a well rounded practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. Suitable for all levels.

Let Dorothy help you refine your practice; develop your ˜discipline" and teach you how to let go of stress. Learn more about Yoga. Dorothy will offer a well rounded practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. Mornings will include a moderately paced Hatha Flow class and in the afternoons enjoy a slow, deeply inward turning practice. Twice daily pranayama and meditation. A Restorative class and Yoga Nidra will also be offered. Suitable for "All Levels" of practice.   Allow yourself time for solitude and reflection. Spend time exploring the gardens or sit and enjoy the peaceful beauty. Be in awe of nature. Be at one with nature. Be at one with your inner spirit.

Stowel Lake Farm is run by a small, dedicated community of families working together to enhance the farm and share it's bounty with the surrounding community. A tour of the Farm will be offered to those interested.   Come by yourself or come with a friend or relative. Enjoy the company of like minded people. Do it for you. Feel your spirit lift. Love every minute!

Retreat Location:
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Easter: Apr 10-13 2020

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