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September 14-21,2019 Reconnect With Your Soul Amidst the Beautiful Vineyards and Olive Groves in the Heart of Italy.

September 14-21,2019 Reconnect With Your Soul Amidst the Beautiful Vineyards and Olive Groves in the Heart of Italy.

Eat Play Love - DragonflyExperience Allow Advanced Soul Coach Felicia Grant to share her passion with you by joining us for a magical experience in the Italian countryside of Umbria. This retreat will be a unique and deepening experience, as you are surrounded by the sacred energy of the ancient landscape. In the autumn season, the golden light, fresh morning air, smell of ripening olives, farm-to-table inspired food, and the best wine in Italy create an unforgettable and profound experience. Eat Play and love your way into this amazing personal experience of inner peace, deep relaxation combined with the slow paced Italian culture. Far beyond a yoga retreat, this Dragonfly Experience with Felicia Grant takes you on a personal journey with a small group of like minded women all looking for Italian Dolce Vita, “The Sweetness of life”.

Il Tesoro is a family-run farm-to-table destination at the crossroads of Tuscany, Lazio, and Umbria. For more than 20 years now, husband and wife Massimo and Rita have been welcoming guests to this hidden treasure in the heart of the Italian countryside. Umbria nested between Florence and Rome.   When women come together in community they create an energy for joy, empowerment and growth. Experience the unique opportunity of stepping back from your day-to-day life and returning to the simplicity of country life, Italian style. Your home will be 300 acres of some of the most stunning property in Umbria,

All rooms have been lovingly restored by Rita with modern amenities including en-suite bathroom. Each room has the option of being single or double beds.   Teaching has always come naturally to me so in 2008 I followed my true passion by creating The DragonflyExperience to began creating and leading women’s retreats. These retreats create a safe space for women to leave stress behind, discover their creative potential and learn to live a life filled with joy and passion. This retreat I will be joined by Mark David, International Sound Healer from New York. Sound Healing Therapy helps re-tune the body, mind & spirit thru vibration. I will also be joined by Jill Watson Yoga Instructor from Canada as part of your healing team!

Retreat Location:
Umbria, Italy

September 14-21 2019

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