Enneagram Discovery Retreats in NW Oregon

Explore your inner being and learn how to directly sense personality types.

Many dates, most months. Connect more deeply with yourself, your life, and the natural world in times of change.

Enneagram Discovery Retreats in NW Oregon Do you long for greater clarity about who you are and how you can be your best self? Do other people seem frustratingly hard to understand, confusing in their actions, thoughts, and beliefs? Would you like to experience a new level of intuitive insight into how humans work? The enneagram is a profoundly powerful ancient symbol, tool, and system that can reveal deep truths about human nature. We offer private, individual Enneagram Discovery Retreats in a gorgeous country setting where you can gain new insights, clarity, inspiration, and direction.

Our Enneagram Discovery Retreat includes a complete enneagram introduction (as much or as little as you need) plus an array of activities, meditations, conversations, and personal insight exercises to bring you to a deeper level of self-understanding. You will be working with a Certified Enneagram Teacher with more than 25 years experience as a guide and personal enneagram coach. Our beautiful natural setting enhances your experience, allowing you to let go of the tensions of your daily life. We also offer a variety of other personal retreats; visit our site to learn more.   Are you an experienced student of the enneagram? Would you like to create a retreat experience that focuses on your specific questions or study topics? As we understand your situation and your desired outcomes, we'll collaborate with you to customize your guided Enneagram Discovery Retreat. We offer an extensive menu of retreat activities to choose from in the moment to deepen your insights and retreat experience, and you can also take as much free time as you like for integration, contemplation, and meditation on our gorgeous, private 5-acre nature preserve.

Stay in large, private room with en suite bathroom and comfortable sitting area. Explore the meadow, forests, marsh, and other ecosystems on our five acre property and the valley beyond. Relax next to the warm wood-burning stove, venture outside to an outdoor sitting area, soak in the hot tub, or hike in the forest across the road.   Between us we have more than 50 years of experience helping people navigate transitions, understand their deep nature, gain clarity, create a life and work that align with their values, and tap into nature's wisdom for inspiration. We have deep roots in Enneagram, Seasons of Change, and other tools. Read full bios on our site.

Retreat Location:
Corvallis, Oregon

Most months.
541 224 8129

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