Fresh Start Mental Health Retreat

We help people gradually and naturally improve their health and transform their lifestyle.

January, 2020 and all other months. Many dates. 14 and 21-Day Retreats at the beautiful ocean side Resort on Vancouver Island, BC. 

Fresh Start Mental Health Retreat Fresh Start 14-21 Day Emotional Wellness Retreat is for those who have been working on a Depression Recovery, are suffering with anxiety, or are experiencing life circumstances that seem to be beyond their control. If you desire to live happy and fulfilling life, to enjoy peace and improved relationships – you may need a Fresh Start. Total Health and Lifestyle Transformation Approach: Fresh Start Emotional Wellness Retreat does more than just focusing on the behavior change. We look at and work with a person as a whole: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As the base for individual healing process, there is used a unique semi-flexible Fresh Start Healing Structure™. The day consists of balanced activities, such as yoga, meditation, fitness classes, guided excursions, art and body care classes, evening steam bath, as well as a comprehensive education on both physical and emotional well-being, and food preparation classes. There is also professional support offered throughout the program. BE SURE TO VISIT WWW.HEALTHRETREAT.CA FOR DETAILS, guest stories and learn more about the process of how we help you improve Emotional Wellness, safely, gradually and naturally to create long lasting results.

Life circumstances may be challenging and life itself may seem overwhelming at times. Our experienced emotional wellness specialists will assist you in starting releasing of the past trauma, as well as recognizing where unhealthy thought patterns originate and how you can gradually start rewiring them. This is done in private and small group formats, as well as during educational classes on emotional wellness principles.   Our ability to handle life circumstances largely depends on our energy tank and ability to generate energy for our daily needs. Some people may understand terms exhaustion/thinning/damage of aura and energetical bodies, while others may relate to increased irritability or being sensitive to minute stresses. We use dedicated relaxation days, green topical nourishment, essential oils, hydrotherapy and other methods to assist you in refilling this energetic tank.

In a healthy body there is a healthy spirit, they say. It is so true about the connection between our emotional state and the health of our cells. Once your body starts being gently cleansed, as well as nourished with organic vegetarian food, you will feel lighter and clearer.   Emotional challenges often go hand-in-hand with physical health problems. At Fresh Start we have a variety of unique specialists and services assisting your body in dealing with these. Be it body inflammation and structural issues, or digestive challenges, there is an opportunity to work on these at the Fresh Start.

Retreat Location:
Campbell River, BC, Canada

January 2020 and all months, many dates.

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