Fresh Start Smoking Cessation Retreat

We help people gradually and naturally improve their health and transform their lifestyle.

January, 2020 and all other months. Many dates. 14 and 21-Day Retreats at the beautiful ocean side Resort on Vancouver Island, BC.

Fresh Start Smoking Cessation Retreat Fresh Start 14-21 Day Quit Smoking Retreat is for those who got sick of patches and are just ready to say good-by to those cigarettes for good. Because they know it hurts them, hurts their families, impacts their health. If you want to enjoy energy and health now and in the years to come, in order to live a fulfilling life and to be around those you love– then it is time for you to get a Fresh Start. Whole Health and Lifestyle Transformation Approach: Fresh Start 14-21 Day Quit Smoking Program-Habits Repatterning™ does more than just assisting you in parting with a cigarette. We look at and work with you as a whole: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As the base for individual healing process, we use a unique semi-flexible Fresh Start Healing Structure™. Your day consists of balanced activities, such as yoga, meditation, fitness classes, guided excursions, art and body care classes, evening steam bath, as well as a comprehensive education on both physical and emotional well-being, and food preparation classes. There is also professional support offered throughout the program, when you need it. BE SURE TO VISIT WWW.HEALTHRETREAT.CA FOR DETAILS, guest stories and learn more about the process of how we help you get to Smoke Free life.

Though short lived, detox symptoms may be terrifying to those who attempted to quit. Heartburn, tightness in the chest, dry cough, insomnia, anger bouts, headaches, are just a few. Thanks to a custom designed detox plan enhanced with quick toxins removal methods, these symptoms have been usually minimal or absent with most of our guests. Some get surprised that they lose taste for cigarettes altogether!   Because Fresh Start daily fitness and Healing Meal Plan includes a lot of raw organic meals, digestion aiding supplements and drinks, most our guests who Quit not only do not gain weight, but start gradually losing instead. This plan assists the body in increasing metabolism and improving of the vital organs function.

Cigarette smoking rarely comes alone. It usually is a friend to late cocktails, emotional eating and a spiral of addictive thoughts and behavior patterns. Our experienced Habits Repatterning™ coaches will assist you in understanding where these unhealthy patterns originate and how you can gradually start rewiring them. This is crucial to your long-term success.   Though healing of a tissue is not an overnight process, you need to start is, as you quit smoking. First, you want to assist your body in removal of damaged tissues to minimize chances of growing new tissue over it (and increased risk of lung cancer), then to provide ingredients that body can use to replace those cells with healthy ones. Our Custom Lung Protocols include breathing exercises, salt and aromatherapies, as well as Advance Lung Cleansing and effective lung support formulas.

Retreat Location:
Campbell River, BC, Canada

January, 2020 and all months, many dates.

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