Grail Springs Retreat for Wellbeing

Year-Round Award Winning Retreat

An award-winning luxury retreat and health spa for Body, Mind and Spirit. Retreats for Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit!

Grail Springs Retreat for Wellbeing An awe-inspiring sanctuary located on a spring-fed lake north of Toronto where you can renew your commitment to life, healthy living and wellbeing. Choose from 2-21 night ALL-INCLUSIVE holistic retreats and experience natural spa therapies, yoga classes, guided meditations and special transformational evening talks while healing your body through healthy plant-based meals. An intimate 100 acres sanctuary rests on deposits of healing quartz crystal and is surrounded by peaceful forest, trails, wildlife and meditation gardens. This inspiring environment offers an opportunity to reconnect with Mother Nature and your true self.

Grail Springs has become a favourite destination for those seeking a path towards change in lifestyle, optimum health and wellbeing. The breathtaking property and lake supports those who are looking for positive change in their life. Walk the sacred labyrinth, medicine wheel, trails or canoe and swim in the spring-fed lake.   The interiors are rich in detailing with designer furnishings, impressive fireplaces, tapestries, and particular creative attention to details. An enchanting environment for physical, spiritual, and mental renewal.

Each day the Grail Team, who consists of mind-body specialists, yoga instructors, holistic therapists, wellness & life coaches, guide our guests through a day filled with great food, movement, meditation and learning. They assist guests in reconnecting with a holistic lifestyle, as outlined in our bestselling book.   From good nutrition and home made fresh meals each day to learning helpful relaxation techniques, you can begin a journey towards healthy vitality. All meals along with daily health elixirs and snacks included. Purchase anyone of our two bestselling books filled with health tips and delicious recipes!

Retreat Location:
Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, 2004 Bay Lake Road, Bancroft, Ontario, CANADA

Open All Year
877 553-5772

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