Healing Hearts Women’s Retreat

A weekend Retreat for women in a beautiful peaceful setting.

June 26-28, 2020. Also Nov 6-8, 2020. Renewal, healing, and personal growth - a wonderful gift for your mind, body, and spirit!'

Healing Hearts Women’s Retreat A Healing Hearts Women’s Retreat will refresh, reconnect, and recharge you -- in mind, body, and spirit. Retreats are a blend of guided meditations, interactive processes, and silent time. Themes change with each retreat, allowing you to focus on different areas of your life each time you attend. They are held in a peaceful 100 acre setting amid beautiful natural surroundings. Enjoy walking trails, peaceful seating areas by the lake and river, and sumptuous meals. What a wonderful gift to give yourself!

With a background in Education, Rosemarie McGonigle has been involved with personal growth work in many capacities for over 20 years. She facilitates in a manner that is engaging, loving, and humorous, while gently but firmly encouraging others to stretch, grow, and heal.    Retreats are held in a location surrounded by nature's beauty, and provide a wonderful, supportive atmosphere so that you can truly focus on yourself. The theme, or focus, of each Retreat will differ, providing you with ongoing opportunities to address different areas of your life each time you attend.


Retreat Location:
Sanctum Retreat Center, Caroline, Alberta

June 26-28, 2020 and Nov 6-8, 2020
403 660-1824

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