I’ve Got This! Creating Extraordinary Relationships

A Positive Approach to Managing Drama and Dysfunction

Mar 23-24 2019. An absolutely essential framework for confidently handling challenges with relationships and situations in your life.

I’ve Got This! Creating Extraordinary Relationships When we feel resentment, overwhelm, frustration, disappointment, anger or guilt in our personal or professional relationships we often default into feeling victimized whether we label it that way or not. Our internal dialogue OR external events/people may also evoke a sense of helplessness leaving us anxious and ungrounded. At some point in time, we ALL slip into negative reactions. Pause and take a breath! This is Drama and Drama is part of the human experience. This program offers a proven skill for managing any kind of Drama. Visit www.darylwood.com for testimonials and details.

This intensive workshop teaches you to identify the destructive roles of the Drama Triangle (Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor) and understand the impact they have on your decision making, self-esteem and ability to connect with others. Most of us are surprised by how prevalent these mindsets are in our own lives as well as our relationships, communities and the world we live in.   Given that Drama surrounds us, practice tapping into your inner resilience through The Empowerment Dynamic*. When you feel the “I’ve Got This” moment you find freedom from blaming or complaining; you escape the exhaustion of trying to please others; you liberate yourself from dysfunctional relationships that drain your energy; and shield yourself from bullying, humiliation and disrespect.

Ms. Daryl Wood has led retreats and workshops for over 18 years in private, public and corporate settings. Daryl is passionate, animated, spiritually based and leads with vulnerability, transparency, and a healthy dose of humour. She honours the place in you that has the courage to be willing and open for the sake of more peace and joy in your life.   The foundation of The Empowerment Dynamic* is Three Vital Questions that shape the way you relate to yourself, to others and to the events in your life? Asking yourself these questions no matter what the circumstances will change your life: Where am I putting my focus? How am I relating? What actions am I taking?

Retreat Location:
Cambridge, Ontario

March 23-24 2019

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