In Yoga of Silence - to Experience Enlightenment

7 - 21 Day Retreats With the Advaita Master Madhukar

Attaining freedom. Awakening. Experience and enjoy the presence of a living master.

In Yoga of Silence - to Experience Enlightenment Madhukar is a direct disciple of Papaji, Sri H.W.L. Poonja, the Lion of Lucknow, whose master is the famous sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. Madhukar began already in his youth to ask a multitude of philosophical and spiritual questions that should remain unanswered for a long time, far beyond his studies (philosophy and business management). They only grew more urgent after an experience of Oneness in the Himalayas and a near-death experience. In 1985 Madhukar experienced a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. Thereupon, he ended his career as a TV journalist, became a student of the Dzogchen master Namkhai Norbu and continued looking for absolute truth. This search ended in 1992 in India where he met Sri H.W.L. Poonja. Madhukar had arrived at his master who ultimately awakened him to his own true nature. Yoga of Silence consists of crystal clear presence and dialogues. Here, silence stands for the timeless basis of existence in which everything comes into being and vanishes again. In silence there is the greatest impact, the mightiest power. Peace and permanent happiness reveal. In Yoga of Silence, no physical or mental exercises are practiced. It is aimed at direct self-realization.

An intensive silence retreat at the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala/South India. Uncover a mystery. Discover your mystery!   Retreat in Goa/India directly at the wide sand beach surrounded by palm trees. Everyone with a burning desire to be free feels attracted to the "flower of India". How about you?

Retreat on the enchanting island of the Goddess Tanit. Magnificent Balearic beaches, clear turquoise blue water, cool music and strong energy. Magical Ibiza, Spain.   Retreats of powerful presence. Madhukar shares Yoga of Silence world-wide with more than 250 events per year.

Retreat Location:
Arunachala, and Goa, India. Also in Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Russia

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