Juice Fasting Transformational Cleanse by Ocean

Living Your Best Self NOW!!!

On-going year-round 5,7,10 day program in Delray Beach, FL. Complete personal attention for 1 or 2 people at a time.

Juice Fasting Transformational Cleanse by  Ocean Visionary Healer and Holistic Life Coach, Jill Ayn has been taking people through Juice Fasts for the past 22 years. She was a Kindergarten teacher as an early career, so she's really good at distracting her clients from the first few days of some possible physical hunger…offering lots of juice, broth and tea….and great stories of healing. Jill truly has not been aging in the typical way. Vegetarian and mostly vegan for the past 50 years. She rides a bike in the Everglades during the Florida winter at least 12 miles and is getting ready to do some hiking in Ecuador next August. Even just walking the beach with Jill, you will be impressed by her strength, endurance and flexibility.

This is the North Pool of Cranes Beach House, where many of Jill's clients stay. It's one block from the beach. There are also many Airbnb places in Delray Beach, if the prices at Cranes are too much. We will always work things out to make you comfortable.   Wouldn't you want to soak in this fabulous warm ocean?

Client group on a fast. They aren't looking as though they are suffering….Jill helps you to really get through the first few days very gracefully.   Green and other organic juices such as melon, pineapple, papaya smoothies…..lots of water with lemon throughout the day, sun, walking on the beach and learning how to detox.

Retreat Location:
Delray Beach, Florida

January and all seasons

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